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I have chosen some rss feeds for my google reader that I think will help in the better understanding of past and present war times.  In my opinion to understand the present and the future we have to look back and analyze the past.  For this I picked out some sources that should help to accomplish this goal.

1. BBC News: Middle East 

This particular feed I chosen because of the world content over in the middle east.  It covers many of the areas that are concerning the American people today such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Gaza strip.  Also have a credited news source to have updated information that is quicker than most papers is an advantage in getting information quickly.

2. Sgt. Stryker Iraq war blog

I choose this feed to get an idea of what was actually happening in Iraq and what the soldiers were doing and how they felt about it.  This blog really helps lay out day to day commands that some of the soldiers had and what they did while deployed in Iraq which gives the war a more personal feel.

3. New York Times: Iraq and Middle East

This also is another credited news source to keep up to date on emerging news that is you couldn’t get in the papers until a few days later.  Also it gives information that some of the other new sites might not get soon enough because they are smaller or not as well known.

4. Threats Watch blog

This is another military blog that will come in handy when looking for military opinions about news and other events in the world.  The blog discusses many of the current news events and offers a military opinion on them as well. 

5. New York Times: Vietnam War

There is not many current issues for this feed, but my father was in the Vietnam war and some of the articles that it came up with were relating to some of the stuff going on today with current wars.  There were also many things that my father and I have discussed so I thought it would be good to see how this war compares to the current ones in the world.


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